What to Expect When You're Expecting Kittens

Help your cat during her pregnancy.

Your pregnant cat will benefit from your care to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Plan to provide her with support before the kittens arrive, then prepare to give her plenty of family time after they’re born. Here’s what you can do to help your cat during her pregnancy:

Visit the vet

Make an appointment with the vet to confirm your cat is pregnant. During the appointment, her overall health will be assessed and you’ll be provided with a due date. If there are any unrelated conditions to treat—like fleas or ear mites—those should be addressed as well. Discuss the plan of care with your vet and proceed with any needed medications or vaccinations that are safe during pregnancy.

Adapt her diet

Don’t make any initial changes without your vet’s input—overfeeding or underfeeding your cat can make her pregnancy more difficult. Consult with your vet during the first visit to create an appropriate feeding plan and adapt your cat’s diet accordingly. Your vet may suggest mixing in some higher-calorie kitten food with your cat’s regular food at this time—she’ll need the calories to produce milk.

Lower the litterbox, raise the cleanliness

If your cat's litterbox has high sides or a narrow entrance, consider replacing it. Choose a low, wide pan that’s more accommodating of her ever-expanding belly. To help keep her healthy, clean the litter at least twice a day and wash the box once a week.

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